SHE Pab:
Voices of Hmong Women

Saint Catherine Univerity

Our Mission

Our mission for SHE Pab: Voices of Hmong Women is to promote Hmong culture, language, arts, and history to the St. Catherine University community . The purpose of this organization is to enhance cultural awareness and cultural appreciation through community services, events and collaboration.

History of SHE Pab

 We, the Hmong students, sisters, friends and founders of SHE Pab: Voices of Hmong Women at St. Catherine University was brought to be by our compassion, love and inspiration for the Hmong ethnicity. Our initial intention is to build an organization that will empower our knowledge of the Hmong culture, language, art and history; as well as being capable of educating others. The journey of establishing this Hmong organization was very frustrating, extensive, and intimidating; but rewarding. As founders, our blessings for this organization is for it to be meaningful, empowering, beneficial, blossoming and creative.


Meet the 2015-2016 Board Members

Co-President: Kabao Ly

Year: Senior

Major: Women International Development

Kabao loves eating khaub poob and watermelon, especially with her obnoxious siblings. In her free time, she's either catching up on the k-dramas, books, sleeping, or enjoying the outdoors.

Co-President: Stephanie Herr

Year: Junior
Major: Public health
Minor: Economics

Stephanie is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, hiking state parks trails, staying up to date about social justice issues in the world, and attending social community events around the Twin Cities area. She hopes to work hand and hand with doctors and other professions one day to help close the gap of health disparities experienced by socially disadvantaged populations (due to race, gender, education, income, disability, geographic location, or sexual orientation).

Treasurer: Gaohmong Vang

Year: Sophmore

Major: Psychology

Minor: Studio Art Photography

Gaohmong likes to keep things organized and is a very passionate and open-minded person. She really likes origami so you will constantly see her folding paper. In her free time she likes to listen to music, watch dramas, sleep, and eat ice cream (even during the winter).

P.S. She's the sister of our PR officer, Pa Ying

Secretary: Pahoua Lee

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

Minor: Critical Hmong Studies

Pahoua was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. During her free time, she likes to play flag-football, volleyball, and soccer. Pahoua is also musically talented, she play three instrument; the flute, hulusi, and ukulele.


Public Relations: Chi Na Moua

Year: Sophmore

Major: Biology (Pre-Optometry)

Chi Na is very excited as this is her first time on a board of a club. She would like to share what she is looking forward to and also hopes to gain skills from her position.


“Being a Hmong American woman who was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota I never understood the value of my identity until recently. I never knew it was so important to understand my background, the stories of my ancestors, the social and political conflicts of the Hmong. Now I know the sweat and restless days my grandparents and parents went through to give me the life I have now, and preparation for my future as a Hmong American woman. I hope I can build a strong network of loving Hmong brothers and sisters who can be a support system. I hope to strengthen and ground my knowledge of the Hmong on literature and experiences, and continue to learn and grow as a leader. I also hope to bring more activities and ways to connect with each other (so that we can build that support system for everyone) and raising awareness of the Hmong culture and history in different communities. I hope you all are excited for SHE Pab this year because we have great events planned and your support and attendance would be amazing! Ua tsaug!” - Chi Na Moua

Public Relations: Pa Ying Vang

Year: Junior

Major: Biology

Minor: English and Chemistry

Pa Ying hobbies include writing, listening to music and people talk, and talking to friends. She has a great passion in social justice and hopes to one day build schools/dorms which houses, teaches, and empowers children and young adult who have been trafficked.


Meet our Advisors

Co-Advisor: Mai Chue Moua

Mai Chue serves as the co-faculty adviser for SHE Pab. She just finished her first semester with the organization this past Spring 2015 and is extremely excited to continue her work with this amazing group of Hmong women during the 2015-16 academic school year.

Mai Chue graduated from St. Catherine University herself in 2012 with a degree in social work, and currently works in the Undergraduate Day Admissions office as a Senior Admissions and Financial Aid Counselor. Mai Chue is passionate about her work in higher education, its level of involvement with prospective and current college students, and her ability to bring this round circle to engage the Hmong community and young Hmong women leaders like SHE Pab.

Hobbies: reading romance novels, cooking, watching Korean dramas, working, and spending time with families and friends

Co-Advisor: Pa Lor

Pa serves as the Office Coordinator in the Multicultural and International Programs and Services (MIPS) Office at St. Kate's.

Prior to joining St. Kate's in 2013, Pa served with College Possible as a college liaison and workshop coordinator. She is very excited to be able to continue supporting under-served students in their academic career. In her role at St. Kate's, Pa connects students to the many resources and opportunities available to them here on campus and in the community, in addition to helping the MIPS Office organize relevant programming and events.

Pa is passionate about equity and social justice issues and helping others to be independent self-learners. Pa graduated from Carleton College in 2011 with her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. She is currently pursing her Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership at St. Kate's.